Therapy Rates (in-person & telehealth) per hour:

Initial Intake (Individual one time fee): $135

Initial Intake (Couples one time fee): $180

Initial Intake (Families one time fee): $225

Individual Session: $90

Couples Session: $120

Family Session: $150

Group (90 minutes): $60

Co-parent Counseling (2 hour blocks): $180

           Supervised Visitations: $150 (up to 2 children per visit per hour)

           Alcohol & Drug evaluation (2 hours): $300 

           Court Ordered session (court fees section below): $120

 Insurance Information

We do not accept insurance, only self pay.  We made this decision because of confidentiality "what happens in therapy should stay in therapy",  higher insurance premiums, and we value client driven treatment plans not insurance driven. We accept employee assistance program (EAP) from Compsych and Curalinc for individual sessions only (please call us to verify). We will be happy to provide client's with a receipt or invoice as proof of service if requested. However, we are not Out of Network Providers.  Please call your insurance company to verify if reimbursement is possible, if you can use your Health Spending Account (HSA) , or Flexible Spending Account (FSA) to assist in paying for your session(s) even though RRC isn't accepting insurance. Some HSA & FSA cards may not work due to the company at the time of payment so please be prepared to use alternative payment if this occurs. We will not contact your insurance company for information, this will be the responsibility of the client. Please contact RRC if you have any questions or concerns. Our clinicians will also provide clients with a Good Faith Estimate of services provided.   

"Good Therapy is Priceless"


Please make your payment at the start of the session. Cash, debit, and credit cards are accepted for payment. If you wish to pay with a debit or credit card an authorization form must be completed before the payment is made. 

Cancellation Policy

We know that things do come up so don't worry. However, we ask that you notify us at least 24 hours in advance from your scheduled appointment so that we may make this time available to assist other clients. If you miss your initial appointment, we have the right not to reschedule any additional appointments or charge for the missed appointment. 

Reports/Court Fees/Medical Records

Research, FMLA paperwork, creating reports, and phone conferences on behalf of the client will cost $90 per hour which is the same length as an individual session. It will take time to prepare the information needed. 

Court order counseling is $120 per session (individuals), $150 per session (couples), $255 per session (family). If we are required to testify in court, a charge of $120 per hour for reading the material and $240 (minimum of 2 hours) per hour to appear in court. It is implied that I will clear my schedule for the entire work day to appear in court.  The full fee is required for each court date or deposition no less than a week before I appear or provide a deposition. Any cancellations that occur once payment is made for court appearance or deposition are nonrefundable. 

A two-week notice will be expected for any of the above information about research, reports, phone calls, or court fees. Medical records will be $25.00 per hour for preparation plus $0.60 per page for copies provided electronically. Let us know if you have any questions.

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