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When you think about therapy and coaching so many things can come to mind such as, do I want to talk to a stranger about my problems, will this person judge me, will my information remain confidential, and do I really want to commit to something else in my life. The truth is we are strangers, we will not judge you, your information will remain confidential, and problem solving will take a commitment.

How many times have you told yourself I can handle it alone or I have everything under control. My questions to you is why handle it alone and are you taking a realistic look at whether you have control or not? We recognize how the complex relationship between thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, influence our daily functioning and overall sense of well-being.  

Our goal is to provide a comfortable and safe environment. This will assist in creating a therapeutic rapport and maximizes the client's positive change and commitment to personal growth. Our team's professional work experience includes providing individual therapy and coaching, group and family therapy, substance and mental health services, in community agency and non-profit settings.

We also have experience treating adolescents and adults struggling with substance abuse, trauma, behavior problems, anger issues, emotional disturbances, life transitions, relationship issues, anxiety, and depression (please see our Service Provided tab at the tap for details). We are ready to assist you in short or long-term therapy or coaching. If you are looking forward to brighter days give us a call.  

Please call or email RRC for an individual, couples, or family consultation today. We do not take insurance (please see our Rates tab at the top for details). We are pleased to announce that our service expansion includes the state of Arizona. If you miss the initial session there will be a charge for the missed appointment or we do not reschedule. Call for further details. 

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